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Foundational to our approach is understanding that wholeness is a basic human need. Our commitment is to help others achieve behavioral, emotional, and spiritual change that propels them along their course to wholeness.
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About 11% of adolescents have a depressive disorder by age 18...

 (National Institute of Mental Health)




As a pastoral counseling practice, Gilead’s approach accommodates exploration of spirituality.  If you choose to discuss spiritual themes (e.g., forgiveness, hope, sacrifice, joy, suffering, etc.), you and your counselor may decide to pursue a path that leads to clarifying or illuminating those areas, and how they may help or impede your progress. This clinical methodology is available to all regardless of religious or spiritual beliefs and perspectives.  

Using Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) as our base theoretical framework, you and your counselor will collaboratively develop and implement a plan to address your concerns.  The ultimate goal is to help you achieve specific, self-defined goals that lead to your spiritual, emotional and behavioral well-being.


In situations where disputes negatively affect you and others, a solution-focused and collaborative mediation process may provide the best means of reaching your goals.  In such instances, Gilead can connect you with professional and credentialed mediators.  Services will be available for individuals and also for businesses, in situations where conflict negatively impacts the work product or work environment.

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