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Foundational to our approach is understanding that wholeness is a basic human need. Our commitment is to help others achieve behavioral, emotional, and spiritual change that propels them along their course to wholeness.
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About 11% of adolescents have a depressive disorder by age 18...

 (National Institute of Mental Health)


About Us

Gilead LifeWorks Behavioral Health Services, LLC is the private practice of Pamela J. Moody, LCPC. 


Our name (GIL–lee-add), references a biblical region known for a healing balm, and the community of healers who resided there.  When the usefulness of the balm and the healers were thought to have failed to provide relief for the troubled of spirit, the question was asked “Is there no balm in Gilead?”  The answer, expressed in an old African-American spiritual, is an emphatic “Yes, “There is a balm in Gilead.” 

That declarative affirmation and hope of wholeness, along with the model of community provided by scriptural references to Gilead:

  • Is foundational to our approach—an understanding that a basic human need is wholeness.  We are compelled to be the fullest expression of ourselves;
  • Guides our commitment to life-reclaiming; community-affirming work; and,
  • Informs our orientation to our community and our business model—to be inclusive and engaged in helping all of us to achieve behavioral, emotional, and spiritual well-being, along our course to wholeness.

We Start Here, Understanding that…

“Every acorn yearns toward the full expression of its nature, and uses all opportunity to realize its capacity to become an oak tree.  There  is a natural yearning toward wholeness and wisdom in us all as  well.  Wholeness is a basic human need.”   (Remen, R.N.,, 2001)

Our Mission

Wholeness:  We work to provide services that offer a multidimensional synthesis of clinical methodology, evidenced-based approaches, and spiritual perspectives to improve our behavioral health and mental health.

Our Vision

Life-Affirming We will work to structure our services to help our clients, to engage in life-affirming behaviors.

Make A Difference:  We will work to help create an environment for clients that facilitates making the changes they hope to become their reality.

Activist:  We will work to be an agent of social activism, providing and creating platforms from which clients can chart a course to reach the fullest expression of their human potential in their relationships and in their communities.

Our Values

Community MattersWhen we feel comfortable, valued, and safe in our communities, everyone benefits.

Service MattersWe recognize the importance of being  available to others; it fuels our motivation to help.

"There Is A Balm In Gilead"

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